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Dotcomsecrets X is pretty much worth 3 out of 5 stars. I was doubting if I had to give it 2 or 3 stars. In this Dotcomsecrets X review you will get to know exactly what Dotcomsecrets X is and my experience with it.

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What is Dotcomsecrets X?

Dotcomsecrets X is a passive income training program particularly about building an e-mail list and making money of this list. You’ll have to pay a monthly fee, which will unlock a new part of the program every day. So a new training is send to you every day, instead of getting all the content at once.russell brunson

The way to make money with an e-mail list isn’t very hard. If you have a big list with e-mails you can send them a great offer every week. The offer you recommend is an offer with you as an affiliate, so you will get a commission every time someone buys the product.

A quote which is pretty famous in internet marketing about this e-mail list building:

The money is in the list

The program is made by Russell Brunson. He is known as a young internet marketer with already much experience. His sales process is always pretty ‘hypey’, but you always get what he promised. He calls himself or is called by others ‘The Overnight Succes Maker’. This has probably to do with the fact that he is one of the youngest internet marketing gurus. But this goes against my philosophy, because you can’t have success ‘overnight’. It always takes some time!

But some months ago I checked his site Dotcomsecrets X and his video directly appealed to me. I want that lifestyle he talks about! Working from home or working in your swimming suit on the beach. So I decided to try the $1 trail he offers. I already use his program for 4 months now, so here is my experience!


My experience with Dotcomsecrets X:

Pros:                                                               Cons:

-Great for beginners                                    -A part of the training every day

-Good tactics to build an e-mail list       -Big claims in the sales video

-Clear teacher                                               -It takes a lot of time to build a large e-mail list


One of the good things is that this program is great for beginners. You will learn all about building a large e-mail list. Also the thing that’s great is that you will learn all about placing ads on the internet. Places where you can place free ads and places where you can place paid ads are shared. Also it’s great that the program exactly tells you what to do every video. You just have to do a task everyday which is clearly explained.

Why a paid training like this is mostly worth its money is because you will save a lot of time! Dotcomsecrets X has got some great tactics to build an e-mail list all in one place. It would take a lot of time to figure all those out yourself. The best tactic after all is to just provide a lot of great content for free, but only to the subscribers of the e-mail list. So to get people to subscribe give them a free ebook or report. Also give you subscribers some great value every week. Like if you have a subscribers list with people who are interested in a certain topic, send free content about the topic like once a week (and sometimes a great offer!).

One of the bad things is that you only get a part of the training once a day. So the first day you get something about e-mail tools to build a list and the second day you get a video about free and paid ads. The idea behind this is that you will not get an information overload. Most of the time when you buy a program you will get like a hundred video’s. A lot of people will not make it until the end with this system because they lose motivation if they realize that they still have to watch 50 video’s. So with this system you will get reminded to watch some video’s everyday and stay motivated like this. I don’t really like this system because it’s never exactly the speed you want to go trough the program. Some people like to go trough the program faster and have to wait another day to unlock the content.

The sales video claims some big things. Like when you invest $10 you will get $100 back. I’m not sure that everyone will earn their money like that. It looks really great, you invest $10 or $100 and you will get the tenfold back. He claims that you can earn money through the list really fast, but building an e-mail list takes some time. But if you got that e-mail list you can earn money pretty fast. Like he shows in the video there are people that earn like $10.000 per e-mail (he claims to earn more but that can only happen with a really large list).


Summary; should you buy it?

Overall, I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but you should decide for yourself. I got some great value from the program because I was a total beginner when I bought it. But if you already know the basics of building an e-mail list and making money from it, I would not recommend it. I do recommend a tool called Audello, via this tool you can create podcasts and grow your audience faster! This is the new way to build a larger e-mail list and a bigger audience, check the site right here.

If you are a beginner in e-mail list building and you want to follow this program part time, Dotcomsecrets X is a program for you. Like you can see in my experience I don’t think this is the best program out there but it does give value! Go to the site here.

Thanks for reading this Dotcomsecrets X review, I hope I helped you with your decision! If you got any questions about the course, you can ask a question down here.

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