What to fill in when publishing your Kindle ebook

What to fill in when publishing your Kindle ebook

A lot of fields can be filled in when you are publishing your ebook on Amazon. Some don’t have to be filled in and some are very important to fill in! In this article I will go past everything you can fill in and explain them.

Kdp select

KDP select

Should you enroll your book in KDP select? You can write a whole article about this, because it really depends on the ebook. When this is your first time publishing an ebook, I would recommend it. Your ebook will get a lot more exposure through KDP select. But when you’ve already built an audience, you don’t really need this extra exposure.

I would also recommend it when your book price will be very low. The royalty you will get per “borrowed ebook” is around $1.80. When you sell a $10 ebook, it would not be worth it, because people will just borrow it for a lot less.

All of my books are enrolled in KDP select because I love the ‘Free book promotion’ you can use when you are enrolled. Also most of my books are $2.99, which is very low!




Book name

Type the title  of the ebook you are publishing. The title is one of the most important ranking factors. If your title is the same as the search phrase, you will mostly be the first result! So choose your title carefully. You can also put the niche or keyword before your book like this:

“Keyword or niche”+ “:” + “Book title”

Example: “Weight loss: 10 tips to lose 10 pound of fat fast”


The subtitle is also pretty important for keywords. Tell in 1 sentence what the book is about, the best would be with some great keywords in it!

seriesThis book is part of a series

In here you can put the series title and the part number. But if you are not creating a book that is part of a series, also use this! In here you will get a free extra keyword. Put as ‘series title’ the keyword that you want to rank for.

Edition number

Is this the first version of your ebook? Yes, fill in 0. No, fill in the version number.


If you are not publishing the book yourself, write the publishing company in here. But wait, you are filling this information in yourself… You are the publisher! ūüėČ


When you are into the email course, by now you probably have written a selling description. Here is where you put that one in, and don’t forget to pimp it with HTML!

Book contributors

Add the contributors of the book in here.


Change this to the language of the book. This is important¬†when you’ve written a non-English book. You will be found a lot easier when the language is right ;).


A ISBN number doesn’t really matter ¬†in Amazon. It’s only worth it to put in when you have an ISBN on a hardcover book that you will now publish as an ebook. Don’t just put something in here!

Verify your publishing rights

If you’ve written the book yourself just select “This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights.” The other option is just when you don’t have the copyright.


Choosing a great category is not extremely important anymore. Most of the people just search by typing keywords in the search bar. But try to choose categories that really fit your ebook! There are still some people who search by category.

Age range

Only important when you write children books or adult books.

U.S. grade range

Mostly important when you write children books or for teenagers.

Search keywords

Choosing the right keywords is very important. With the email course, you know since yesterday everything about keyword optimization .

Select your book release option

Do you want to release your book now or do you want to make it available for pre-order? Pre-order is mostly great when you already have an audience interested in your work.

uploadcoverUpload or create a book cover

Here you can upload your own cover design. You can also use the Amazon cover creator to make an easy design. Check this article to learn all about creating the cover.

Upload your book file

Speaks for itself. Upload your .doc or any other book file here.


Save and continue!!




pricingVerify your publishing territories

If you want your book to only be available only to certain territories, you can select that here.  I always select worldwide rights. Maybe there are people living in the United States who speak Italian and want to buy your Italian book!

Set your pricing and royalty

Here you can select the price you want to sell your book for. If you also selected that you will enroll your book in KDP select, use the 70% royalty option!







Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you with filling in all the information. If you’ve got any questions about some information, please comment below.

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