How to find a great Kindle book niche

The most important part of Kindle publishing is the niche selection. When you select a niche without any people, you will also not sell any books. ūüėČ On a more serious note, it is really the most important part. I found this out after I released my third book. My first three books didn’t sell that well. I was just doing the course Kindle Money Mastery¬†at that moment. This course also told me that the most important part of publishing an ebook is the niche selection. I realized at that moment¬†¬†that I didn’t do any research before I began writing my books. You need to search for a lucrative niche, where people are eager to¬†buy your book when you solve their problem! So here is the article on how to find a great Kindle book niche.

Step 1: Make a list of ebook ideas

First you need some ideas on what your book is going to be about. Afterwards we are going to look if these book ideas can be profitable. When brainstorming these ideas try to be as specific as possible. Write the idea as if you were writing the book title.

Wrong: Weight loss tips

Right: 14 weight loss tips for women over 50
Really try to be specific. Thousands of books have the name ‘Weight loss tips’, but none of the ebooks really focus on ’14 weight loss tips for women over 50′. Take advantage of this!

Try to write down at least 10 ebook ideas. There will be a high chance that there is a lucrative niche in there!

Step 2: Research if the ideas are profitable

Let’s check if these ideas of yours are profitable. How we are going to judge if they are is through looking at the other books in that niche on the Amazon store. We are going to look if these other books are selling at least 1 book per day and how much competitors you have. Here is a to-do list you need to follow for every ebook idea:

  • First, go to
  • In the search bar at the top instead of “All” select “Kindle store”
  • Search for your book idea. It can be better to only use a part of the idea you just wrote down. I wrote down ’14 weight loss tips for women over 50′, but no other books are written about this exact topic. Try just ‘weight loss tips for women over 50′ without the specific ’14’.
  • Note down the amount of results¬†you get for that phrase.¬†When I search for ‘weight loss tips for women over 50’ I get only 5 results. This is great, almost no competition!rank
  • I always like to keep the amount of results under 100. When you’ve got 100 results or less, it means¬†that there is not much competition and this makes it even more profitable!
  • Look if any of the results are selling at least 1 book per day. You check this by looking at the sellers rank. The book is selling 1 book per day when the sellers rank is around 100,000.
  • The niche selected would be great if it had at least 3 books on the first page who have a rank under 100,000.
  • Check if¬†people actually search for your niche ways toor ebook title. To check this type your niche or ebook title in the search bar (with “Kindle store”). If the phrase is automatically completed by the search suggestions, that means that other people are searching for it. That also means that this niche is profitable!
  • Do this for every of your ebook ideas.


It’s easy to make an excel file with the ideas to check them for all these points. It’s easier to see which one is the most profitable in step 3.

Do you want to spare time and get a nicely organized checklist?¬†Join the email list and get an excel checklist¬†for free! You’ll only have to fill in the blanks in the excel file.

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Step 3: Take the most profitable niche

When you made your checklist decide which one is the most profitable niche. If you have several profitable niches, try to pick the best one. The best one has the least competition, the most sales and gets suggested by the Amazon search bar very fast!

It’s of course always great to have more than 1 profitable niches. These niches can be used later to make a second book. But try to start with the most profitable! It could also happen that none of your niches are profitable. If this happens I’d like to advise you to make another idea list with 10 ideas. This of course takes some more time, but you will earn this back when you’ve found a very profitable niche!

If you really can’t find a profitable niche after 20 ideas, take the best one. You can look for ideas forever but you’ll only make money when you really publish a book. So don’t waste too much time selecting a niche.

Also this niche selection is not extremely accurate. So it could be that a ‘profitable niche’ you selected will not sell. But via this method you will probably sell more than without!


Thanks for reading! And good luck selecting a niche!

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