How much money could an average author make with Kindle? (1 year case study)

How much money could an average author make with Kindle? (1 year case study)

how much do you earn kindle publishing

So one year ago, I heard that there were people already generating a decent passive income through self-publishing Kindle ebooks. It was for me the first time that I would start ‘an internet business’. I didn’t know anything about internet marketing and never even made 1 dollar online. But the ones already making money with Kindle said that it was extremely easy to get into it. And there I went writing my first ebook!

This first ebook was a disaster, but you will get into a learning curve. And now it’s one year later. If I had to say it, I’m doing pretty decent for someone who never made any money online.


How much do you exactly earn with Kindle publishing?

If you are already familiar with Kindle publishing you know the next chart. This is how mine looks like, the date selected is 22 January until 22 April.

How much do you exactly earn with Kindle publishing

I started Kindle publishing in 2014. I didn’t really know what I was doing at first, so my daily sales would average 1 or 2 per day. Until November/December this was my average, but in one of these months I finished a course on Kindle publishing called Kindle Money Mastery (review). It was great to finish this in December because with the holidays, people will buy a lot more. So the books I published after the course and in December would sell really well. Most of the days around Christmas I would sell more than 20 books per day.

This was of course great for the motivation. I now started to know how everything worked, KMM really helped me with this. After December my sales dropped, but stayed at like 10 books sold per day. But recently I had another breakthrough (read the full story). In a couple of days my sales amount tripled! I now sell more than 50 books per day. I also achieved my most sold ever yesterday, with 79 books sold in 1 day!

So in one year I went from someone without any experience in internet marketing or writing books to someone who sells more than 50 books per day! This month I will probably make over 1500 dollars! But to get here I worked pretty hard to get to know everything about how Kindle publishing works. I also invested in a $67 course (which was a great investment).

Do you outsource or do you write your books yourself?

I write all my books myself. In the course I followed the teacher strongly recommends you to outsource your book writing. I get why he recommends this because that is a way when everyone can do it. You will do all the marketing and niche selection and someone else will write a high-quality ebook. This is very useful if you want to scale this business, because when you write them yourself you will always have a lack of time. I don’t outsource because I do not like to take the risk to pay someone for an ebook of low quality and I don’t mind writing them myself. I pretty much enjoy the writing part.

I also started this business without any money to pay a writer to do the work. Now I earn a lot more, so maybe I’ll look into outsourcing some ebooks.

Was it easy to get into Kindle publishing and how can do the same?

It wasn’t extremely hard to get into Kindle publishing and it didn’t take a lot of time! The hardest thing is to actually write. The writing itself is not really hard, but to get yourself to sit on the computer and write an ebook. I procrastinated a lot. There are so much better things to do than writing a book. Something that helped for me was to set a daily goal. The daily goal would depend on how much you procrastinate. Because the lower the goal, the easier it will be for yourself to do it. I had a daily goal to write at least 100 words. This was just the right amount that I wouldn’t procrastinate. You can write 100 words in like 10 minutes or less. But why this helps a lot is that you will write more than 100 words most of the time! Sometimes when I started I even wrote like 2000 words in a session!

The best place to start is the internet. Get to know a lot about how Kindle publishing works. Watch videos, read articles or buy a course to jumpstart your learning curve! On this website there are some articles to get you started like 3 steps to start writing ebooks. Another great resource is the free email course which will learn you in 7 days how to write a profitable ebook. And if you are ready to invest, try Kindle Money Mastery!

For any extra questions, try the comment section below!

Hi I'm Clenrock. My goal is to learn everything about making money online and creating this 'passive income'. It's awesome to get home after a day and to check if you have made some money online while you didn't do anything for it that day! I hope that I can inspire you to start making money online and to create a passive income for yourself. Also I will do my best to help you with the best articles!

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