How to do Free Keyword Research with Google

How to do Free Keyword Research with Google

free keyword research

An important part of building a website is to do SEO to get some traffic to your site. With SEO comes optimizing your keywords for every webpage, so that you will get ranked for that keyword on Google or any other search engine. If you want your webpages ranked higher, you should dedicate some time to doing this keyword research. But did you know that you can do this for free and pretty fast just with the help of two of Google’s tools?


Which two tools do you mean?

The two tools we are going to use are the Google Adwords Keywoord Planner and just the Google Search.

google keyword plannergoogle search

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner will be used to see what keywords people are looking for and to optimize your keyword so that it’ll get the most exposure. Google Search will be used to determine the amount of competition your keyword has. Checking the competition is not very accurate, but the keyword research I’ll learn you is many times better than no keyword research!


Step one: Make a list with potential keywords

So first you need to brainstorm some keyword ideas. Ask yourself the question: ‘What would I type in the search bar at Google when I was searching for my webpage/article?’. Try to aim for like 10 potential keywords. For this article these would be my 10 keywords:

  1. keyword research
  2. how to do keyword research
  3. basic keyword research
  4. keyword research with Google
  5. free keyword research
  6. keyword research with free tools
  7. how to do fast keyword research
  8. fast keyword research
  9. fast and free keyword research
  10. finding keywords for SEO


Step two: Check if these keywords are being searched for

For this we will use the Google Adwords Keywoord Planner. So first go to the site and log in with your Google account, or make one if you don’t have one. Now when you are logged in your screen will look like this:

keyword planner first screen











Now click “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”. Now for every keyword idea you just listed type it at “Your product or service”. So do this one-by-one. I typed in my first keyword: “Keyword research”.

keyword planner second screen










Now click “Get ideas”, and after that select instead of “Ad group ideas”, “Keyword ideas”. You would use ad group ideas if you wanted to advertise on Google.

keyword planner select ideas














So now check the average monthly searches for every keyword. If the keyword gets too little monthly searches, you get rid of it. But when is it ‘too little’? That will depend on your niche. I always go for keywords who get like 500 or more searches per month. With choosing these keywords you don’t want to aim for short keywords which get a lot of searches, better take the ‘long tail’ keywords which get less searches, but also have the least competition. These long tail keywords are the ones your competition will probably not aim for, so it’s easier for you to dominate this keyword and get all the traffic! Also these long tail keywords are more specific if needed. For example I could use ‘keyword research’ which gets 12,100 searches every month. But ‘keyword research’ can be about everything, maybe someone is searching for keyword research tools instead of my article about doing keyword research.

So I could better shoot for ‘free keyword research’ or  ‘how to do keyword research’, even though those get less searches. Also if you see some great keyword ideas in the list from the Google Planner, put those in your ideas list. These keywords should have a nice search volume and need to describe your web page or article!

So that’s what I did and here is my new list (it’s a table now, that will be easier later to compare):

Keywords Amount of searches per month Competition; Amount of results Competition; Authority sites
How to do keyword research 720 X X
Free keyword research tools 480 X X
How to find keywords 590 X X
Google keyword research (New to the list) 1300 X X
SEO keyword research (New to the list) 590 X X

Step three: Find out how much competition there is for every keyword

In this last step we are going to test if there’s much competition for the keywords we selected. This step is the most inaccurate unfortunately.

We are going to test the competition by looking at two variables, the amount of results the keyword gives on Google and how much ‘authority sites’ show up.

So first we’ll check the amount of results. Just type in the keyword you are researching and you’ll find the amount of results just under the search bar.

amount of results




The more results you get, the more competition there is. Write this amount in the table for every keyword!

After you know the amount of result, scroll down and see how many ‘authority sites’ there are on the first page. If you already know a lot about your niche you probably already know which sites are authority sites, but if you don’t, you should open the site and see if the site gets a lot of visitors. You can check this by looking if the the article has a lot of comments or shares on it.

These are the sites on my first page:

authority sites

















Ouch! Mostly authority sites…

Now we need to rate the ‘authority sites’ in the table. We are doing this by the amount of authority sites divided  by the total amount of sites on the first page. This is what my final table looks like:

Keywords Amount of searches per month Competition; Amount of results Competition; Authority sites
How to do keyword research 720 31,000,000 10/10
Free keyword research tools 480 6,620,000 8/10
How to find keywords 590 424,000,000 10/10
Google keyword research (New to the list) 1300 20,000,000 9/10
SEO keyword research (New to the list) 590 1,680,000 10/10

^%*$%! Sooo much competition…

I wrote the wrong article like you see, it has so much competition. All these authority sites who write about the same subject.

So I hope you got lower competition, because the competition I got is unbeatable for a small blogger like me. As you see I probably had to do some keyword research before I started writing this article ;). But I still hope this article helps you!


Step four: Choose the best keyword

So to finish the keyword research you need to choose the best keyword.

“Best” means High Amount of Searches and Low Competition.

Compare these keywords with each other and choose the one which has the highest amount of results and the lowest amount of competition. Make sure this keyword is still focused on your webpage or article. If you started with an article about SEO and now found an awesome keyword which has to do with internet marketing, you should go some steps back and stay with SEO!

In my example I should go for “Free keyword research tools” or for “SEO keyword research”. Free keyword research tools has a little less authority sites but has more results compared to SEO keyword research. SEO keyword research also has a little bit more searches per month, so that would be the best choice.

But in this situation this ‘best choice’ is not a great choice. I don’t think you came to this article through Google, way too much competition.


I hoped I gave you an insight to doing keyword research for free with the use of Google. If you’ve got any question, I would be happy to answer them in the comments below!

Hi I'm Clenrock. My goal is to learn everything about making money online and creating this 'passive income'. It's awesome to get home after a day and to check if you have made some money online while you didn't do anything for it that day! I hope that I can inspire you to start making money online and to create a passive income for yourself. Also I will do my best to help you with the best articles!


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    • clenrock clenrock says:

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