Have you always wanted to start writing ebooks? Here are the 3 steps you need to follow!

Have you always wanted to start writing ebooks? Here are the 3 steps you need to follow!

The question I get sometimes is: “How to get started writing ebooks”. This article will show the steps it takes to publish your own ebook! The steps shown in the article are extensively explained in my free email course.


1. Niche selection

The first step into writing an ebook is to think of a subject. A subject can be randomly chosen, but the best way to choose a subject if you want to make money with your ebook is through niche selection. With niche selection you are really for the target audience you are going to focus on. But especially you will how to get started writing ebookslook what the problems are this target audience is having. Your book will be very lucrative when you focus on solving these problems! This will be the next step, but for now…

Find a niche (a target audience) you will focus on!


2. Get to know all about this niche

When you have selected a niche the next step would be to get to know all about this niche. Make a list of what this audience is like. List things like the average age of your audience and what their ‘goal’ would be. For example if your niche is gardeners, the average age would be like 50 (mostly older people but also young people are interested) and their goal would be to build an awesome and healthy garden.

If you know the age, you know in what style you need to write your book. The writing style of your book should really connect with the age of the readers who will read your book. If you write a book with in a style that connects with your audience, it’s much more pleasant to read for them. The second thing you should know about your audience is what goal most of them have in mind. This is a thing you should always have in the back of your head when writing your book.

When you’ve made this list, make another list with all the problems and struggles your audience is having. Look through your top 3 problems for one you can write a book about. Take a topic where you have a feeling that people would pay for it, you can also check if similar books are being sold on the Amazon store. (and if a lot of people buy it)


3. Now… write your ebook!

By now you’ll have an image of what to write about and how to write it. Like you see, it’s extremely important to know for what audience you are writing your ebook for. You need to realize that you are not writing an ebook for yourself but for an audience. And that’s also the only way to get the audience to buy your ebook.

If you are really starting with Kindle publishing, it can be scary. When I just started out I was so scared that nobody would like my ebook. But I’d like to motivate you to just try it! Why would you be scared to publish your first ebook? Nobody on the internet knows you. That’s the great thing. Only when you would publish your book in real life, that would be something to worry about.


So hopefully you now know what to do! Get going!

Hi I'm Clenrock. My goal is to learn everything about making money online and creating this 'passive income'. It's awesome to get home after a day and to check if you have made some money online while you didn't do anything for it that day! I hope that I can inspire you to start making money online and to create a passive income for yourself. Also I will do my best to help you with the best articles!

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