5 tips to sell more ebooks on Amazon

More and more ebooks are being published on Amazon. This way it becomes harder to stand out between all these books. Here are 5 simple tips to get noticed by the Amazon costumers and how to sell more ebooks on amazon!


Tip 1: Get a lot of reviews

When you are selling on the internet, reviews are almost the most important thing. Everyone wants to know what others think about the product, don’t you? Try to get more reviews under your ebook.

Did you know only about 1% of the costumers put up a review for an internet product? This means you have to sell 100 books to get a review, and to sell these 100 books you need to have reviews. You will enter a vicious circle where you can’t escape out of. If you are struggling to get these reviews here are 3 of the best ways to get them (not all of them are ethical):

– You can try to persuade the ones who bought your book to leave a review. You can do this by asking it in the end of your ebook.

– You can swap honest* reviews with other authors. Make a Facebook account, search for Kindle review exchange groups, join them and ask some people if they want to exchange reviews. *It’s most of the time far from honest.

– (Not recommend) You can buy reviews. This is also far from honest because you pay these people to give you a great review in exchange for some money. Some people ask for fees which are about $400, that’s insane! If you really want to do this, check the site fiverr.com. Here you can get a review for only $5.


Tip 2: Use a free promotion and promote your book as much as possible

You should really join KDP Select and use your free book promotion. This is a way to get higher in the Amazon search engine for the keywords you have selected. Because the way the Amazon search engine works is that when a costumer enters a phrase in the search bar, it checks 2 things. The first thing is that it searches for relevant keywords and the second one is that it ranks the books with the most books sold higher in the list. And the great thing is, free books also count for ‘books sold’.

A tip to give away more free books is to use the 5 days of free promotion all at once. This way you will build momentum, some people see a free book and check the day after again to really download it. If you plan these 5 days, make sure that you get the whole weekend in these 5 days. The weekend is mostly the time when people read or search for (free) books. Also try to plan this promotion a week in advance, so that you can submit your book to free book promotion sites. These free promotion sites can really give a boost to the amount of downloads you are going to get. It can be hard to find these sites, but I’ve created a list with these sites here.

If you haven’t done it already, make an author account on Facebook! This is also a great way to promote your free book. Be sure to join ‘free kindle book groups’. In these groups you can share your free book and people who are interested in free books and who joined the group will read your message in their timeline. This also gives a great boost to your downloads!

And remember; the more download your free book gets, the more it will be bought after!


Tip 3: Optimize your keywords

It’s really important to optimize your keywords when you are publishing your book on Amazon. This is important because with bad selection of keywords, you will not be found. And when you will not be found, you will make no sales!

In every business, this is the rule:

Large audience, low competition

If the market you’re in has a large audience and low competition, there is a lot of money to be made. This is of course assuming your product is awesome.

This works the same with keyword optimization. You should search for keywords where a lot of people are searching for and make sure these keywords have low competition. Let’s have an example, you have made a book about losing weight. Don’t go for the keyword ‘weight loss’. This is such a large keyword. If you were the only one with a book about weight loss, it would be a great keyword, because there is a large audience interested in weight loss! But when I search for weight loss I get 16,474 results.

Only if you really have the best book about weight loss you can try to use this keyword, but I would never recommend it. You could better niche the keyword down to really target a specific audience. Most of the time when you niche down you will have less competition. Learn about this and more about how to optimize keywords for Amazon here. I will also talk about a tool that will do better keyword research for you and will this do super fast, which I always use if I want to optimize my keywords.


Tip 4: Have a remarkable and professional cover

Having a great cover is one of the first things that will attract a costumer to visit your ebook site on Amazon. If your cover falls to the background (not remarkable) and looks like it’s made in MS paint, costumers will never even read the description of your book. So maybe you’ve written the best ebook of the whole site, if costumers don’t even click on your book because your cover sucks, all your writing has been for nothing.

If you want to have a professional cover I would advice that you have a look over the designers at fiverr.com. For only $5 you have a great cover designed for you. If you would do this yourself, you would maybe be busy for an hour which is already worth more than $5.


Tip 5: Have a description that sells

The description is read when a costumer is interested in your book after reading your title and seeing your attracting cover. So in the description you need to convince this interested costumer into buying your ebook! To summarize all the things you need to put in your description here is a short list:

1. Give a short description about what the book is about. If your book is about ‘dog training’ tell something about what a problem it gives when a dog isn’t properly raised.

2. Give an organised list with the benefits the reader will get. This mostly means the things they will learn about the topic or how the book will tell them how to solve the problem they are having.

3. Enter a call to action. Could be something like “Buy this book now and know everything about dog training tomorrow!” or what works with every book: “Only this week you can buy this book for only 5 dollar instead of 10 dollar!”.

Another thing to make a better description is to pimp it with HTML codes. Here are the HTML codes you can use:

<h2>Make titles like this</h2>

<b>Make text bold</b>

<i>Make your text italic </i>

<u>And finally, underline your text!</u>



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