List of free book submission sites

When your book goes free, you want to promote it as much as possible so that a lot of people will download your book. One of the best ways to promote your book is to submit your book to these ‘free book promotion sites’. These sites will promote your free book to their audience.

I would really recommend to submit your ebook to all these sites. There is only a small chance to be featured on this site, but when that happens your book downloads will be extremely high! If you want to have a guaranteed place on the site you’ll have to pay. You should decide for yourself if you want to do that, it does boost your amount of downloads but I have no experience with it.

So I don’t know if you should pay for a guaranteed place and I don’t know if I need to recommend it. Some sites claim that you will get 1000 extra downloads if you buy a guaranteed place but I’m not really sure if that’s realistic. The more free downloads your book gets in the free promotion days, the more reviews your book will get and the higher you will rank in the Amazon search engine. If you need to pay $10 for a 1000 downloads, that would be great. Because like 1% of all readers puts a review up for your book, 1% of a 1000 is 10 reviews. That’s a great amount of reviews to start with. And that way you will get more sales after your promotion, and your book only needs to sell like 5 times to break even with this investment. If I look at it this way I realize that I should buy some guaranteed places next time I do a promotion!

If you are on a budget, the sites below always give a chance that you will get featured, so that’s no problem.

NOTE: Most of these free book submission sites need 1 week to process the submissions, so go a week before your free book promotion to these sites and submit your book.

Some of the sites let you make an account first, but they are all free to make.  Here is the list with free book submission sites:

Non-fiction and fiction:

Only fiction:


After you have send your form to these free book submission sites, you can sit back and relax and watch your downloads roll in!

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