How to make a Kindle book cover

It’s very important to have an attracting cover. The Kindle book cover is the first thing that will make you stand out between all the other books. If you have a professional cover the costumers will also think of your book as a professional book!

When a costumer is searching for a book and they see an outstanding book cover they will first look at that book. Even though your book is a much better quality, when they first look at another book and decide directly to buy it, they will not buy your book. From this example it becomes even clearer how important a great cover is.


Should I use the Kindle cover creator from Amazon?

A way to design a cover is to use the Kindle cover creator that is made by Amazon. It’s a tool where you can create a cover online. In this tool you can choose from a list of backgrounds and create text easily.

You should only use this cover creator when:

– You have never created a cover before or never worked with Photoshop or any other design program

– You are on a low budget and don’t have any design program

– (You are lazy)


If you have never created a cover before this is a great program to use. It’s very user-friendly and you can create quite professional covers oppose to something you create in MS paint without any experience. If I had no experience in designing a cover and were to publish my first book at this exact moment I would use the Kindle cover creator, it’s fast and you can create better covers than with MS paint!

Also when you are on a low budget this is something you can use, in the second part I will talk about outsourcing the cover which will cost some money. If you want to keep this low budget you can use this program totally for free!

If you are lazy or want to create the cover very fast you can also use this. But I have put it in parentheses because if you are lazy, this means you can do better! Try to take this seriously, because when you do you will probably make more money.


If you are not great in designing a cover, outsource it!

You can easily outsource a book cover. You can ask real designers to do it, but the cheapest way is to do it via This is an awesome site where you can outsource almost all little tasks that can be done through the internet. And all that for only $5! This is the place to go when you want to outsource your cover design, just search for a designer which has some great reviews. These designers will make a professional cover for only $5.

I would really recommend this when you can’t design it yourself and when you are willing to pay $5 for it. These $5 are almost always worth it! When you would create the cover yourself (when you are not a professional designer) it would probably take like photo13an hour of your time. Your time alone is even worth more than $5. And if you don’t have a lot of experience with designing a cover, the cover that the designer from Fiverr would create is probably more professional than yours. And when it looks more professional, you will sell more and what is $5 when you are selling books? When you make $2 profit per book, you only have to sell 3 books and you already make a profit!

If you want to outsource even more, Fiverr is also a great site when you want to outsource writing a great description or when you want someone else to promote your book when it’s free. This can free a lot of time for you to write a new book!


If you can handle Photoshop or any other designing program, design the cover yourself!

Here are some tips when creating the cover yourself:

Less is more; When you create a cover most people want to put a lot on it. You don’t have to put the full title and subtitle on your book cover. Some people also tend to put things like ‘best seller’, a small description or a review on it, but you need to put these things in your description, not in your cover. Your cover will be very confusing when you put a lot on it. Here are 2 book covers of really famous books, and as you see they have only a picture, the title and the authors name:













Look at a lot of other covers on the Kindle store; Something you can do at every business, look what the competition does!

It’s better to steal something good, than to invent something bad yourself

What’s even better, if you can make a better cover than your competitors! This way you will attract all the attention and your book sales will rise when the sales of your competitors fall. This is always a great strategy when you are not sure if your idea is good. For example if you have the great idea to put an overweight woman on the cover of your new weight loss book, let’s see what the competition does. And look especially at the best selling ebook in your niche! Like you see most of the books put a healthy woman on the front of their book. You’d better change your cover a little. 😉

Use colors in your advantage; Colors are very important when creating a cover. It sets the mood of your book and it’s a great way to attract costumers. Try not to use too many different colors and use colors that really fit together.

On this site you can find great color palettes if you don’t really know which colors fit together. (I always use it when I need to create a cover or something else where colors are important)

Have a great quality cover; This could sound super obvious, but it’s really important. When your cover is a bad quality and really pixelated, nobody will click on it to read the description and they will already have a prejudice about the book. Even if you have the best quality book, when you have an awful cover, you will not sell a lot of books. To have a better quality make a cover that is 2820 pixels wide and 4500 pixels long. This will give the best result when you are going to upload your cover. Also where most people fail, use great quality pictures. Not all pictures you get from Google images are great quality. Try to take a large image. You will lose quality if you need to enlarge a small picture!

Use Google in your advantage:












That’s it! Good luck creating your cover! And if you’ve got a question you can always ask them below here.

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