How to optimize your keywords for Amazon the right way!

When you are publishing your book on Amazon, you get to choose 7 keywords. It’s really important to insert great keywords so that your book will be found and that you will earn more money!

When I went to publish my first ebook I didn’t know what keywords to choose. I just looked at my book and put in some keywords that summarize the book. This doesn’t work! If you just put some keywords in like this, nobody will find your book on Amazon. In this post I’ll tell you how to do it the right way.


Use keywords people are actually looking for

Like I said in the introduction, for my first book I just made up some keywords that match the book. But the problem was, nobody searched for these keywords. So you need keywords that people are actually searching for, else you will not be found on the Amazon search engine.

Here is a step by step list to optimize keywords the right way. It does take some time to do all the keyword research yourself, but it pays of most of the time!

For this list I used the subject ‘how to be happier’, because I made a book about that!

Step 1: brainstorm for a lot of keywords that match your book

Make a list in Word with these keywords. We will later check these keywords if they are being searched for!

Here are the keywords I came up with.


Step 2: put your keywords into the Amazon search bar

Now we are going to check if people are searching for the keywords, and maybe get some additional keywords. How to do this is to put your keywords one by one in the search bar at You have to write it slowly so that Amazon has the time to complete your keyword and give suggestions. When you put these in, make sure that you selected the category ‘Kindle Store’.

ways to

Like you see, I only had to put in ‘ways to’ and a suggestion is ‘ways to be happy’. This means that people are searching for ways to be happy and that would be a great keyword!

live h


The keyword ‘live happy’ would not be a great keyword to use. In the picture above you can see that if you type ‘live h’ there is no suggestion for ‘live happy’, so nobody is searching for that keyword.

But I spotted the keyword suggestion ‘live happier live longer’. If Amazon suggests this keyword, it means that people are searching for that keyword! So this could be a keyword to add to the list.


There are 2 things that you need to understand when doing this step:

1. The higher in the suggestion, the more people search for that keyword.

In the last picture with ‘live h’, the keyword ‘live happy magazine’ is much higher than ‘live happier live longer’, that means that the keyword ‘live happy magazine’ is searched for more than ‘live happier live longer’.

2. The less letters you put in and Amazon suggests it, the better the keyword

If you would only type the letter ‘L’ in the search bar and it would instantly give the suggestion ‘live happy’ that would be a great keyword. But if you need to type ‘live happ’ and you would then get the suggestion’live happy’, not many people search for that keyword.


Step 3: check for competition

When you search for a product on Amazon, do you ever look past the first page? Probably not. So our mission is to get your book to to the first page when you enter the keyword. To make this much easier is to go for keywords with low competition. Of course, these keywords do need to be searched for by costumers. I hope you’ve updated your list and removed keywords that nobody searches for. I also updated mine:


To check the competition, you need to look for the amount of results and check the average rank of the books on the first page.

It’s easy to make a table with these results. You should make it in a program like MS Excel so that you can easily make calculations. We are going to calculate the ratio between the average rank and the amount of results. We get the formula: Average rank / results = . And we want to have the highest possible number. That number would mean how easy it is to get to the first page.

Here is what the table should look like: (I like to use colors!)table

Now search all the keywords and fill in the amount of results. The results are shown here:


After you put in the amount of results for every keyword you need to look for the average rank of the books, this does take a little longer. Get a calculator, add up all of the ranks of the books on the first page and divide that number by the amount of books you added up. If a book has no rank, give it rank 3,000,000.

You can see the book rank when you go to the page of that book and scroll down a little bit:


If you are too lazy to calculate the average, you can just scan over all the numbers and make an average in your head.

Here is what your table should look like:


Now calculate the last column, divide the average rank by the amount of results. My table looks like this now:


I started with 14 keywords, 5 of them were deleted in step 2. I now have 9 keywords were I checked the competition. I have to delete 2 keywords. To do that, I take the ones with the lowest avrg. rank/results. As you see, the worst keywords are ‘happiness’ and ‘be happy’. When I take these out I have 7 strong keywords left that I can use for my book on Amazon. But I see the keywords ‘happier life’ and ‘how to be happy’ that aren’t very strong also.



What’s great about this method and what isn’t…

It’s great that you will have much better keywords than just making some up. The keywords that remain after testing it for competition and for ‘search volume’ will get you much more visitors to your selling page, and will get you more sales!


This method is not very accurate. You only check the search bar for suggestions, but you don’t know the real search volumes. Maybe you chose some keywords that have been suggested by the search bar but still don’t get searched for. Also this method takes a lot of time. I only used 9 keywords when I checked the competition, but if you have more keywords that is where you will lose a lot of time!


Thanks for reading and I hope this will help you get more sales!



PS. If you are really too lazy, want to save time and you are not on a budget you can use a program called Kindle Samurai. Check it out at:


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