Screw95 Review – Is it possible to make money with niche sites?

Screw95 Review – Is it possible to make money with niche sites?

Screw95 is a course made by Jay the LazyAssStoner. It teaches you how to make money with niche sites. He calls this course “The No Bs Approach To Building Wildly Profitable Niche Sites”. But is this the best approach and is it really that easy to build a wildly profitable niche site?

So I downloaded the course, and here is my Screw95 review…


Who is it for and who is it made by?LazyAssStoner

The course is created by Jay Wessman better known as Jay the LazyAssStoner. He is pretty famous for is ‘straight-forward’ approaches to SEO and making money online. He is also extremely generous for sharing all this info with his fans. To bundle all his knowledge, he created the Screw95 course.

Jay is also known for being lazy, this is why he always searches for the easiest and shortest way to make money online. In Screw95 you will also be taught the easy, and lazy way. These ways are not only easy to do, but also effective!

The site tells you that this course is targeted at 3 kinds of people: the total newbie, the experienced affiliate marketer and the ones who want to escape the 9-5 grind. So first, the course is for the beginning affiliate marketer, ‘the total newbie’. I think this is totally true, the course provides easy to follow steps to build your own niche site. All the basics, like making your first website, doing SEO and building social media accounts are explained.

Secondly, the site says it’s for the experienced affiliate marketer. In my opinion when you already got a lot of experience, this is not the course for you. This course mostly covers the basics. However if you want to know more about the basics and some great techniques, this course does cover those. But if you already know how to set up a site, social media accounts and how to do SEO, you can build your own profitable niche site!

For the people who want to escape the 9-5 grind, this is also a great course. You need to work hard at first to gain some experience, but it’ll get easier eventually. The first niche site you’ll create through this system will not always be a success. But if you do your best, Screw95 can surely be the way to freedom!


What is the course about and what do I learn?

The course is all about how to build a profitable niche site, which makes you some great passive income. The main course has six parts:

  1. Niche selection + Keyword research
  2. Setting up a WordPress site
  3. Finding products to promote on your site
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Dominating social media
  6. Conclusion

In total there are 30 video lessons and 7 bonus lessons.

When I got this course I knew a little bit about internet marketing, but this course really helped me with SEO and with my presence on social media. So part 4 and 5 were the most helpful for me, but those also screw95 reviewhave the most video lessons in it. When I bought the course I also wanted to know more about part 1, the niche selection, but that part disappointed me. He doesn’t tell you much about the niche selection, but I think this is one of the most important things in building a niche site. Without a great niche your site will probably fail.

You will also learn how to set up a WordPress site. This part is great for the real beginner, because he tells step-by-step how to set up the site. From domain registration to installing WordPress on your site, he tells all the steps.


Is this the best approach and is it really that easy to build a wildly profitable niche site?

The Screw95 is ‘the no BS approach’ to building a niche site. I think the approach to building niche sites this way is the right approach. You start with niche selection, build a site and after that, you promote it like crazy. The sentence ‘the no BS approach’, maybe refers to other courses who have another approach. I have not yet bought any other niche site course, so I can’t verify this. But I do think the Screw95 way, is the right one.

And is it really that easy to build a wildy profitable niche site? Like you can see in the previous part of this review, I talk a lot about how easy it is to build such a niche site. So yes it’s that easy. But with easy I mean that the steps you need to take are easy, so you still need to put in some hard work to get there. It does take some time to build the website and get it ranked high in Google!


Is it worth the $97?

I first thought the course was pretty expensive. When you buy a $97 course, you expect a great course. One with a lot of awesome information. Is this that course? Here are the pros and cons to summarize it:

Pros Cons
All the basics explained easily Too basic for an experienced affiliate marketer
High chance to make a profit with this step-by-step course You need to put in some work to make a profit
Great info and tricks about building social media accounts and SEO Too little about niche selection, though this is pretty important in my opinion

Like you see, as much Pros as Cons. But the pros outweigh the cons in this review. I’m happy that I bought this course, I learned a lot from it and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to make money with niche sites. Maybe if you are an experienced affiliate marketer, I would not recommend this. However, this course does cover some great techniques you could not yet know about.

I think a course is always worth it when you earn back the money you invested. My first niche site was up and running after a month. I earned back the $97 two months later, and continue to make money from this site.

Sooooooo, YES this course is worth the $97!


Thanks for reading this review!

You can check Screw95 by clicking here!

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