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Already heard of subliminal messages? These are messages that you are not concious aware of but still get noted by your brain. In the US these subliminal messages are banned by the law to use in ads. They were used before by companies like Walt Disney or Coca Cola. They were then used to sell more cola for example. Conciously you will not see these subliminal messages. But your subconcious mind will still pick it up. In a movie theatre a long time ago an ad by Coca Cola was played in the break of the movie. The ad contained several pictures with the text “I am thirsty” or “I want cola”. But the pictures with the text showed only for 0.02 seconds, so the audience wasn’t conciously aware of the texts. In the break, 20% more Coca Cola was sold. That’s the power of the subconcious mind.

Did you know you can use these subliminal messages on yourself to break bad habits or to get a better mindset?

That’s where you can use subliminal mp3’s for. I decided to check it out, and here is my review. Before you read the full review, check out the subliminalmp3’s site here!


What does Subliminalmp3’s do?

Subliminalmp3’s is a website that sells subliminal audio. With this subliminal audio you can change change your mindset in every field. The products they sell for example will change your belief about money, get you more confidence or can help you relief stress. And the best of all this: you don’t have to do anything for it, just listen to the audio’s.subliminalmp3s-howitworks-ice-berg

Subliminalmp3’s has compiled special mp3 audio with affirmations in them. You don’t hear the affirmations consciously when you listen to the audio, but your subconscious mind picks them up and remembers them! It’s true that most of what you do and think in a day is controlled by your subconscious mind. I found this rather interesting because I thought it would be the opposite.

And just like I said, you don’t have to work hard to gain a new mindset. The audio’s can just be listened to in your car or when you are working on the computer. For example I’m now listening to the program called Self Motivation. This album (and just like all other albums) consists of 5 mp3’s. The first 4 mp3’s have a background noise like wind or the ocean, and the last mp3 is just ‘silent’. But of course the last mp3 is not really silent but has the affirmations in the background. What’s great about this silent one is that you can listen to it while you sleep for example. A lot of people listen to these mp3’s while they sleep and they still get that better mindset!

So with this Self Motivation album my subconscious mind picks up affirmations like “I am motivated at all times”. This way after listening to these audio’s I will be more motivated to work hard and overcome procrastination.

My experience

So I bought 3 programs, the first was the Improve Posture program, the second one was the Love To Exercise and the third, which I’m now using, was the Self Motivation program. All three of these cost me 14.97 dollar per program, and I’m totally sure that’s worth it!

Let’s first start at the Improve Posture program. I started with these programs like 3 weeks ago. For 1 week I Sitting-straightlistened to these subliminal affirmations which would help improve my posture. At first I was pretty sceptical, I was like: “How can a couple of mp3’s, where I don’t even hear anything, improve my posture?!” But sure enough after a week I already saw results. I listened to these audio’s for an average of an hour a day and after a week without me noticing I would sit up straight and also stand straight!

If you see that this works, you will be more motivated to start with the next program. I’m not trying to lose weight but I always had a hard time to get myself to work out. So let’s see what the ‘Love To Exercise’ program could do for me. And this one worked really fast! One morning, only two days after I stared listening to these mp3’s, I woke up with a lot of motivation to work out. So I went running and that was great! I never had so much fun working out. I really felt great after I was done, maybe because I really did my best.

And now I’m using the Self Motivation program. I don’t see any results yet like the other two, but I’ll keep listening. I’m sure I will get more motivated through these subliminal messages!

Are these programs worth the $14.97?

Just like I said in my experience, YES, for sure!

Would I like to pay 15 dollars to have a great posture? I will certainly save that with the costs of the physiotherapist I don’t have to pay!


Would I like to pay 15 dollars to get really motivated to work out? Any time of the week!

A lot of motivation to work harder for only 15 dollars? Yes, yes YES!!


Would you like to buy one of these programs? Go to and choose the program where you want to see some change. They have everything, you can get a millionaire mindset or improve your social skills!

I hope this review helped you choose! If I can answer any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below!

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