The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez – Review - 4/5 stars

I just finished the course called “The 67 Steps” by Tai Lopez. This course is different from all other courses I went through. The 67 steps is all about rewiring your brain for the ‘good’ life, and Tai defines this as being successful in Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. These are the sections in your life that will make you happy and give you a great life. The rating I give this course is 4 out of 5 stars. In my opinion The 67 Steps is a good course with great insights about how to make your life better and be successful in Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness, but it’s not the best course there is and I will talk about this in the review. I will end with the question “Is this worth the $67?” and with the pros and cons of this program:


Who is the creator of The 67 Steps?

The creator of The 67 Steps is Tai Lopez. He is better known as the man who reads 1 book a day (Check his Ted talk), and also known as the “here in my garage” guy. The first one is what he eventually became famous with, reading a book a day. Have you though about how much this really is!? It’s said that the average adult reads like 10 books per year, so reading 365 per year is really something else! He became famous after doing a Ted talk about this habit of his. He says that reading gives you a lot of knowledge and you will have a big advantage if you read a lot. Because Tai has this muchTai Lopez with book case and ferrari knowledge about all kinds of things in life, he was able to create The 67 Steps where a lot of this knowledge is shared!

As I said he is also known as the “here in my garage” guy. This is because he spends a lot of money on advertising, for example on Youtube, where his ad starts with “here in my garage”, and then he talks about getting knowledge by reading books (you can watch it here).  I think it’s awesome to be known like this because of your advertisement, because it means your advertisement is notable and people remember it!

So Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur with some experience. He says that he became an investor and he is also an author for his blog. It’s hard to find a lot about Tai from before he became famous by his Ted talk. It’s always important to research if the person you are buying a course from is experienced in his trade and can be trusted. For this course you can tell he can be trusted, because he has a lot of knowledge about everything in life. I would not be sure about buying a business course from Tai, because I can’t find a lot about his business background.

All in all Tai can be trusted in a course which teaches you to get the good life, because Tai seems to have Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness!


What exactly is The 67 Steps?

The 67 Steps is a course that will rewire your brain in 67 days with a new lesson every day. Rewiring your brain sounds exciting, but in this course it means these 2 things:

  1. You will get a different look on life; Because of the lessons you learn everyday you automatically implement them in your life and also create a different look on life. For example a lesson a couple of days ago was that you should be Impatiently Patient. This means that you should be impatient about starting a project, but be patient about ‘finishing’ the project. So don’t procrastinate, and don’t quit too fast. This gave me a different look on every one of my projects, the ones I’m thinking about, I should just start with them right away, and the ones where I feel like quitting, I should push through a bit more!
  2. You will gain discipline by doing something every day for 67 days; Like Tai talks about, it takes 67 days to create a habit. By seeking the time every day to listen to the course and learn something new every day is a great habit to have. By building this habit you will also build some discipline because you have to do this EVERY DAY, and that can be pretty hard. A tip from my side is to do this at the same time every day. This way it will be easier to create this habit. I listen to a lesson right when I come out of my bed. After some time you don’t have to think about this anymore, you just get out of bed and start listening to a new lesson.

One ‘lesson’ in The 67 Steps mostly has 1 or 2 main big ideas. Tai is someone with a really big network, he knows a lot of people. The big ideas are explained not only by what they mean but Tai has a lot of anecdotes to give examples of these ideas. This is great because you will understand the meaning of the idea better, know how to implement it and it makes it more fun to listen to. I never had a problem listening to the audio!

To also make you get the ideas better and to know how to implement it in your own life, Tai ends with some questions you need to answer. Some of these questions you need to write in your journal and others you need to share with the community.

Two examples of the lessons:

Day 5: “Ignore the 99%” :ignore the 99 precent when asking for advice

Day 5 the big idea is ‘Ignore the 99%’, this means when taking advice, you should just ignore 99% of the people. With this he means that you should only listen to the people who have knowledge and experience about the topic you are asking advice for. This sounds so simple, but most of the people do this wrong. Most of the people ask advice from as much people as possible and go with
the one that is chosen for the most. But this is wrong, most of the people you asked for advice don’t know anything about the topic! Only take advice from the people you know give right advice.

Haha, now when I’m writing this example of what is told at day 5 I realize my brain is rewired! In the part of this review about the creator of this course I talked about how you always should to research of the maker before buying a course. That’s exactly what Tai tries to learn you in day 5!


Day 58: “Be so good, they can’t ignore you” :be so good they cant ignore you

The program is structured so the closer you come to the end, the better the ideas will be. The one on day 58 really resonated with me: ‘Be so good, they can’t ignore you’. Being ‘pretty good’ in this world will not make you stand out. Work everyday to be the best you can, and be so good in something that people can’t ignore you! An example Tai gives is about a friend he has, the friend’s
father had worked as colonel for the army for a long time. Tai asked the friend: ‘why did he never become a general?’. And the friend answered that you had to be chosen to be a general, and you will only be chosen if you are so good, they can’t ignore you. Else the conversation between the commanders-in-chief will be like this “Hey, what do you think of John?” “Ah John, he’s a pretty good guy”. You will not get there when you are pretty good, you need to be the best!


What is my experience with the 67 steps?

I surely liked the 67 steps. It’s great to hear about great idea to improve your life every day for 67 days. It’s even more awesome to see that you subconsciously pick up these ideas and automatically implement them in your life. Waking up and listening to Tai became such a habit for me, I now kinda miss it. It was always really interesting to listen to and I learned something great every day.

Tai not only learns you something every day, but he also motivates you to go work harder to make your life better. Tai talks a lot about inspiring people and what they did to get to the top. For example Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s so inspiring to hear how Arnold pushed himself beyond his limits to accomplish his bodybuilding goals. Tai talks about these people to motivate you to become like them, and it works! After I hear him talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger or Richard Branson for example, I get really motivated to work harder to my fitness and business goals!

Tai Lopez also implemented the great system of asking questions to reflect the idea after each step. These questions really help you implement the steps in your life and make you think deeper about the idea you just heard about.

I haven’t talked about the bad sides of the 67 steps yet, let’s talk about some. The course is not perfect, the first point of criticism is that there is almost no order in the steps. All the subjects are just mixed through the 67 days. Every day it’s something else, and that can be a bit confusing. Maybe this is how it’s meant to be but I would have liked it to be like a week about happiness, a week about health etc. It could also be that this is meant to be like this so that you hear about it again a couple of days later and are remembered of it again.

The 67 Steps is all about improving your life in health, wealth, love and happiness, but almost every time when Tai talks about wealth, he recommends his ‘Mini MBA’. This is a course specially about business. The first 2 times you hear him recommending it, you think like ‘Mmm interesting’, but after hearing it several more times, and when you decided not to buy it, the message could become a bit annoying.

In some steps Tai is a bit unclear about the core of that step. You need to pay attention to really get the big idea of that day. But listening to the 67 steps is better and a lot faster than reading all the books required to get that same idea out!


Is The 67 Steps worth it?

“Every great answer begins with ‘It depends'”.

So there we go: It depends.

In my opinion, the $67 dollars asked for this program is certainly worth it. For that amount of money you get a lot of knowledge, which really improves your life and it saves you all the time reading the books to get the same amount of knowledge.
I would say it’s not worth it when you already know a lot about the big leaders of this world and their lessons. Tai talks a lot about these, and maybe you will recognize them and get bored.

Here is a summary with the pros and cons of this course from my experience:

Pros Cons
You subconsciously improve your life (you don’t have to work really hard) No real order in the program
You get a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time Tai recommends his ‘Mini MBA’ course a lot,
which could be annoying (or a good thing if you get a lot of value from it)
Great questions after each step to reflect it on your own life Some of the steps the core is a bit unclear
You will get really motivated by Tai, and all the examples of great people


All in all, I give The 67 Steps 4 out of 5 stars!




Click here to check out the webiste of The 67 Steps!

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