Why this website is created

Justearnmoneyonline.com is designed to help, inspire and learn people on how to earn money online with Kindle publishing. It’s not hard to make money online with Kindle Publishing.

With this website I would really like to motivate you to make money with Kindle. I’m sure everyone can do it. Not a lot will earn a full time income with Kindle Publishing, but it’s extremely easy to an extra side income.

If you think that you want to get started selling ebooks through Kindle, you are already at the right place. At this website you have access to a lot of articles who will learn you about Kindle publishing. When I started, I had to find it all out by myself. I didn’t do any research at first, I just started publishing some ebooks.

But this is a terrible start…

I knew nothing and I also didn’t research anything when I was writing my first ebook. A great preparation is mostly half of the work. This first book was a disaster, I published it 6 months ago and it sold 2 times. And to make it worse one of these two people asked for a refund of the book!

Two months after I published this first book I decided to write my second book. Still without any research, but after my third book I started to understand how it worked. I did a lot of research and followed a course on Kindle publishing. This fourth book sold a lot more copies (compared to the first book 😉 ).

This is what inspired me to make this site. I want you to have the same feeling; to earn passive income online. And you’ve come to the right place, a lot great info can be found on this website!


This website will be filled with a lot of articles about making money online with Kindle publishing and creating a passive income. I’m still learning a lot about it, I don’t know everything yet. I will do my best to learn as much as possible and make posts about it on this website.


I hope this little story inspired you to go out there and start making money online! This website is a great place to start.

Click below to read the articles about Kindle Publishing:

-Kindle publishing


I haven’t made any products (yet?) myself but I used some courses and tools to speed up the process. Maybe you are into e-mail marketing or building apps. If you want to learn anything about these other types, you can go to the product reviews page where I have made reviews about products you can buy. This will help you to choose if you should buy it. A lot of the products are shortcuts to making money online because they have a most of the information in one place and have a clear ‘road map’.

Thanks for reading this article, and I hope you stick around! I also hope you start making money online!

For any questions, you can make use of the comment section below!


Hi I'm Clenrock. My goal is to learn everything about making money online and creating this 'passive income'. It's awesome to get home after a day and to check if you have made some money online while you didn't do anything for it that day! I hope that I can inspire you to start making money online and to create a passive income for yourself. Also I will do my best to help you with the best articles!

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