How to write a good Kindle book description

When costumers are interested in your ebook, they will first read your description to know what it is about and why they should buy it. This is the place to really convince these costumers to buy your product! When you are publishing a fiction book you should focus on writing a great introduction to your story. This introduction should really excite the reader to read the full story and to buy the ebook. When you are publishing a non-fiction book you should focus on really making clear what benefits the reader will get and what they will learn in your ebook.

This article is focused on writing a description for a non-fiction ebook. Here are tips on how to write a good Kindle book description:


4000 characters is what you can and should use!

For a book description in Amazon you can use 4000 characters. Most of the people don’t even use all of these characters or come close to this amount. If I’d give you 2 minutes to convince me to buy your book, you would probably use these 2 full minutes. Why would you not use what you can to convince the costumer to buy your book?

It’s sometimes hard to write this much about your book. Here are some things you can put in your description to convince the costumer and use all the characters:

– Use a little introduction

– Write all the benefits what the costumer will get and what he or she will learn from your book

– Have an awesome layout. (Like one you could put on the back of a paperback book)

– Use a lot of keywords…


The use of keywords in your description

You thought you could only use 7 keywords when you are publishing your ebook, but this is not true! You can put  keywords in your description. What’s great about this is that you can put in a lot of keywords, so that your ebook will be found for more search phrases. You can also put in your 7 keywords you already used at the real keyword part. This way these keywords will be even stronger!

How to put these keywords in…

What I always do is to put these keywords in is to put “Tags:” and behind this you can put your keywords with commas in between!

Using these keywords in your description will give a boost to your rank in the Amazon search engine. It helps even more when you do some keyword research!


Convince the costumer to buy your book

Here is where the marketing part comes in. It’s important to really convince your costumer to buy your book. Here is a list of what you should put in your description and what is proven to boost your sales:

Try to convince to act now. Add something like that you are having a limited sale at the moment to convince the costumer to buy the book now while it’s cheaper. When costumers visit the book’s sales page, you only got 1 chance to convince them most of the time.  Most of the people will not go back to your book’s page, so try to convince them to act when they are reading the description!

Tell about the benefits the reader will get. Most of the time people on Amazon are searching for a solution to their problem. Tell in the description which problems will be solved and how your book will solve them. This is probably the most important factor for people to buy your book or not.

Insert testimonials. People are social creatures. When a lot of other people are enthusiastic about a book, they will be more likely to also get enthusiastic. So put some of the best testimonials in the description. Don’t put the full testimonial in it, that will use up too many characters. Put something like: ‘What other people say about the ebook:
-“This ebook really helped me”
-“I wish I bought this book previously”
-“Awesome book”‘.


Pimp your book description with HTML!

Making your description look great is awesome for marketing purposes. It makes you stand out between all the other books who just use plain text. Here are the html tags you can use:

<h2>Make titles like this</h2>

<b>Make text bold</b>

<i>Make your text italic </i>

<u>And finally, underline your text!</u>

Here is the full list with html tags you can use in your Amazon description.


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